Sunday May 17 - Friday June 19, 2009

May 17- June 12: Rosebud Reservation
June 13 - 19: Independent Reading and Research


Display of Lakota Moccasins

Live at Saint Francis Mission among the Sicangu Lakota of the Rosebud Reservation while learning both qualitative research methods and the anthropology of museums from two senior members of the Creighton anthropology faculty. The field school will allow you to experience every element entailed in running a small community based ethnographic museum and equip you with both ethical guidelines and research techniques vital to anthropological fieldwork. We will be hosted by the Jesuit community at St. Francis Mission and the director of the Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum. The school is open to Creighton University undergraduates and students from other Jesuit Colleges and Universities, depending on the Creighton enrollment.

We will be on the Rosebud Reservation from May 17 to June 12 for intensive classroom instruction and discussions, service work at the Buechel Museum, visits to neighboring museums and historic sites, and field work opportunities. Students will return to Omaha June 12 and then have one more week, June 13 to June 19 to complete their fieldnotes, research and writing assignments. Students may work anywhere in the country once they return to Omaha but are required to use this last week for research and completion of assignments.

Field trips:
We will schedule several tours during our stay on the Rosebud Reservation. Depending on participants’ interests some of the possible places to visit include: The Black Hills, The Badlands, The Sandhills of Nebraska, The Pine Ridge Reservation, The Heritage Center Museum at Pine Ridge, The Atka Lakota Museum, Chamberlain, SD and The Journey Museum, Rapid City, SD. 

Course of Study:
Students are required to enroll in two courses, Qualitative Methods and Museums and Social Science. Students who have already taken Qualitative Methods may substitute the Directed Independent Study course. For history majors one of the two courses may be the Public History Internship.

ANT/NAS/SOC 209 Qualitative Methods (3 credits)
Introduction to qualitative research methods within the social sciences. Includes research design, strategies for collecting ethnographic data with a particular focus on participant observation and field work, comparative research, theory building, and ethical issues involved with human research.

ANT/HIS/NAS 330 Museums and Social Science (3 credits)
This course examines the interrelationship of how social scientists have theoretically understood society and culture and how they have structured and utilized museums. Students will study the history of both anthropological theory and museums as well as ethical and aesthetic issues and demonstrate their knowledge by creating an ethically responsible public virtual museum utilizing the resources of the Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum collection for a final project. ( 2007 syllabus -- 2007 schedule )

ANT/SOC/NAS 493 Directed Independent Readings (3 credits)
Student-initiated survey of the literature related to a broad topic in anthropology/sociology/Native American studies, undertaken in close cooperation with the supervising faculty member. May be repeated to a limit of six hours. P: Jr. ANT/SOC/NAS major.

ANT/SOC/NAS 495 Directed Independent Study (3 credits)
This course provides for a student-initiated project on a focused topic in anthropology/sociology/Native American studies, utilizing library materials and/or field research and involving close cooperation with a supervising faculty member. P: Sr. ANT/SOC/NAS major.

ANT/SOC/NAS 497 Directed Independent Study (3 credits)
Student-initiated empirical project on a focused topic in anthropology/sociology/Native American Studies, involving close coordination with a supervising faculty member. May be repeated to a limit of six hours. P: SOC 212, 214; Sr. for SOC major.

HIS 585 Public History Internship (3-6 Credits)
A supervised on-the-job experience at government or private agencies in applying historical knowledge and methods to cultural resources management, museum and/or archival work, historic preservation, and other areas of public and applied history. HIS 585 may be taken twice for a total of 6 credit hours, but only 3 of those hours may be used toward the history major. Open to History majors with junior standing.

The cost of the field school will cover tuition for 6 credit hours, room and board, and travel on and around the reservation:

Creighton Tuition for Two Courses
Room, Board, Transportation to Site from Creighton and Local Excursions


Initial Deposit and Full Payment:
We ask that you pay a $500.00 deposit on or before Monday, December 1 , 2008 (4:30 PM). Please make the check payable to Creighton University and bring the check to Rhonda Kodad, Room 437 on the 4th floor of the Administration Building. Note that this deposit represents a firm commitment to the summer field school. The remainder of your payment is due January 17 , 2009 by the end of the business day by check payable to Creighton University given to Rhonda Kodad, Room 437 on the 4th floor of the Administration Building. The deposit will not be refundable if you cancel out of the field school after March 18th but will be returned in case of insufficient enrollment. Because we are in a "break even" situation, a student will not be permitted to attend the field school unless the entire cost is paid before the field school begins.

For this field school to be effective we need a minimum enrollment of 3 students with a maximum of 6.

Main Display Area, Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum

Field School Faculty:  

Mr. James T Ault III is an associate professor of sociology at Creighton University who specializes in research methods.

Fr. Raymond Bucko, S.J. is a professor of anthropology at Creighton University who specializes in Native North America as well as electronic communications. He is the curator for the electronic displays at the Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum and is currently assembling an exhibit on Fr. Buechel’s life in collaboration with Professor Markus Kreis of the University of Dortmund.


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